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F U S I O N:  

A modern take on an age-old question: 

Faith and Science: Can they Coexist?

Can a Reasonable Person Believe In




An Evening With Dr. Binyomin Abrams Ph.D.


 Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry


at Boston University


Wednesday, May 16, 20187:30 PM

La Quinta Inn, Ballroom

  94 Business Park Drive, Armonk NY  

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Chabad Lecture Series and Jewish Learning Program

 If you are one of the Hundreds of people that have already enjoyed an intellectually stimulating program at the Chabad Jewish Learning Prgram, then you are profoundly aware of the educational avenues that are waiting to be unlocked. If you haven't yet attended we invite you to discover the joy and beauty in over 3000 years of Jewish wisdom.


A full array of lectures and classes, taught by dynamic speakers on a variety of Jewish subjects awaits you. From the Hebrew Aleph-bet to the complexities of the Kaballah and everything in between - we are confident that you'll find a class or two which you will find interesting and inspiring.


Our classes and programs are open to all adults, regardless of affiliation or background. We look forward to seeing you.




The following are some of our past lectures and events.


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2. Parenting Lecture - with Daniel Schonbuch, MA, LMFT


3. Holocaust Remembrance - with Rabbi Nissan Mangel


4. Marc Salem - A Magical Evening


5. A CLE Evening on American and Talmudic Law


6. Kabbalah Lecture - with Rabbi Manis Friedman


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